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The horses, the riders, the acrobats, the music! Where to begin? Odysseo is unbelievable. Performed under the big top, a tent that is 125 feet high, and the size of two NFL football fields, this magical show leaves you breathless. Equestrians can appreciate the hard work and training that goes into bringing 64 different horses onto a stage. During various acts of the show, there are horses at liberty, some gallop across the stage with trick riders, some jumping, and what I thought was the most beautiful, the Haute-Ecole (French for high school, the advanced components of Classical Dressage) and Liberty scene. The talented acrobats lend a new feel to the show compared to the predecessor Cavalia. Artistic director, Normand Latourelle has also brought elements to the show that had never been attempted before. A full size carousel is slowly lowered to the stage from above, and during the final scene, the stage is inundated with 80,000 gallons of water in just a few minutes to create a beautiful lake for the horses at liberty to frolic through.

To get a feel of what the show is about, enjoy the photos above which were taken during the media day on Tuesday, Oct. 8th. Thanks to Cyndi Pixley for her talented photography. And be sure to pick up your copy of the Nov./Dec. issue of Horse Talk Magazine to read more about Cavalia’s Odysseo! You can get tickets for Cavalia at their website or at the box office at the National Harbor, along the Potomac River, just east of the Woodrow Wilson bridge.