Virginia Tech Equestrian is blessed to have 40 horses, some donated and some leased, to help our equestrian team and Equine Studies Majors education. They also teach Animal Poultry Science Majors how to handle and care for horses. VT Campbell Arena has a minimal budget which leaves for a lot of needed items. We are currently in need of all kinds of horse related things. Specifically we are in need of more grooming supplies, blankets, bell boots, and splint boots for our growing herd. As you all know blankets are expensive and horses are very crafty at destroying them. We are currently looking for all weight blankets especially water proof sheets and blankets ranging from sizes 70-84. We are always accepting all types of items for the horses.

Donations can be tax deductible. You may email Kayleigh Burke with any potential donations and please let her know if you are interested in a tax deduction. She is currently working with Virginia Tech to obtain the tax deduction paperwork for donations. If you are interested in any type of donation please don’t hesitate to email: