Tri-County Feeds, Etc. (TCFE), providing feed and equine and equestrian products for more 33 years, recognizes that proper nutrition is critical to horses’ well-being. TCFE worked closely with the nutritional experts at McCauley’s Equine to formulate and manufacture a complete line of feeds that addresses the specific needs of horses in the Northern Piedmont Region. Textured and pelleted customized feeds with various levels of protein, fat, and fiber are available.

TCFE Feeds for the Piedmont are:

· Produced in a drug- and medication-free, equine-only feed mill
· Made fresh to order using the highest quality ingredients available
· Highly palatable and digestible
· Fully fortified with inorganic and organic mineral sources
· Produced in consistent formulas for all ages and types of horses
· Packaged in an environmentally friendly “bag within a bag” that separates so both parts can be recycled easily
· Affordably priced

Bill Jackson, President of TCFE, said, “We saw a clear need for feeds that would meet the unique nutritional requirements of horses of all ages and disciplines located here in the Northern Piedmont.” He continued, “TCFE was pleased to work with McCauley’s Equine to develop the feeds that meet this need effectively and affordably. From babies to seniors, from healthy horses to those with special needs—TCFE Feeds for the Piedmont will deliver the nutrition required.”

The new TCFE Feeds for the Piedmont are not only good for the horses of the region—they are good for the community too. TCFE believes it is important for companies to reinvest in the communities from which they earn their livelihood—and they are doing just that with their new TCFE Feeds. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of TCFE Feeds for the Piedmont goes to the Goose Creek Association ( and to the Piedmont Environmental Council ( and –stewards of our environment and open space and supporters of buy local.

“Reinvesting in our region and protecting our environment have always been priorities for TCFE. Our new feeds are one more way we can support these priorities,” said Jeri Jackson, Vice President of TCFE.    

For additional information on the new TCFE Feeds for the Piedmont—please visit TCFE at 7408 John Marshall Highway, Marshall, VA 20115, on the web at, or contact Bill Jackson at 540-364-8191.