RVHR logoWe have 11 new intakes all ranging from a 1 to 4 on the body scale. The owner released them to RVHR to avoid these horses from deteriating any worse then they are now.

Yes we know most of our supporters want to see these people doing this to these horses go to jail, but this owner asked for help. Someone told him about our post on our webpage about asking for help before it’s takes a life. So let’s say he did what was needed to get the horses help.

There are 6 mare’s (one is nursing a foal), 2 gelding, and 2 18 month old stud colts (2 foals about 6 months old, the mare’s were gone, we were told they died) Most of the horses are 7 years old and under. Just sad to see more babies in this condition.

Once again we need everyone’s help with feed purchases, hay, mineral block, weight builder along with the vet bills. It is going to cost rescue about $200 a horse just to do shots and coggins. Our estimated cost on the gelding of these 3 studs is $250.00 per horse.

If you like to help with donations feed can be purchased again at (Sentinel LS feed, Alfalfa cubes, beet pulp, weight builder and rice bran) Holdren’s Country Store in Vinton, Va., 540-344-6053 (please ask Keller to mark you donation for the new herd).

If you like to donate towards our on going enormous vet care bills you can call Penny or Sandy at Farm Vet Services at 540-483-7444.

We can’t do this alone without everyone’s support and help, these guys would have been lying in a puddle of mud dying like Shotgun was. I just can’t imagine starving to death slowly, can you?

Thank you for all your support of RVHR and the work we do to save these horses in need.

P.S. For those donors who donate to help us help these horses, RVHR has set up barn cameras. Once you have made a donation we will send you a email with the log in information so you can see the horses whenever you like!

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