Repellent Makes Flies Get Lost (Literally) and Unable to Locate Horses


Horse owners often find their fly sprays are losing the battle against pesky flies. Many are concerned about using toxic pesticides on their horses, but find that “natural” essential oil products are not up to the job.

Enter Ecovet, a totally different type of fly spray that is the new standard in equine insect control. Ecovet is not a pyrethrin/pyrethroid derivative (which can be toxic), and it is also not an essential oil product.

So what exactly is Ecovet? It is an EPA-registered product made from three naturally occurring, food-grade fatty acids that are carried in a silicone base liquid. Ecovet founder Dr. Tim John, a veterinarian, explains how Ecovet works so well: “As the fatty acids evaporate, they create a vapor barrier around the horse that confuses and overwhelms a bug’s normal directional ability — basically its ‘GPS.’ Thanks to this Ecovet barrier, the insect simply can’t locate the horse as its next victim.”

A spatial repellent, Ecovet safely and effectively stops insects from landing on the horse. “If insects don’t land, they don’t bite. And if a horse isn’t bitten, there’s less chance for insect-related skin reactions or hypersensitivity, aka the dreaded sweet itch.” Ecovet protects horses from mosquitoes, flies, ticks and no-see-ums.

Tested and endorsed by veterinarians, Ecovet continues to earn rave reviews from horse owners:

  • “The ONLY fly spray that actually works!!”
  • “Working for Sweet Itch on tail”
  • “Best fly spray I have ever bought.”
  • “The one product my mare is NOT allergic to”
  • “Excellent & Long Lasting!”

Ecovet is available in a 4-oz. travel size, 18-oz. bottle and 1-gal. refill. View a video that shows how Ecovet makes the flies get lost and see application tips at Ecovet is available for purchase at


What are the benefits of Ecovet?

  • Less toxic but effective solution to get rid of annoying pests
  • Extremely effective: Flies will not land on a horse thanks to the Ecovet barrier!
  • Safer for horses and for the humans applying the product
  • Active ingredients are naturally derived fatty acids – not toxic chemicals
  • Effective on many types of flies, ticks, mosquitoes and lice
  • Has clinically shown improvement for horses with difficult-to-treat sweet itch problems (hypersensitivity reaction to midge bites)
  • Long-lasting protection – only need to apply every two to three days
  • Safe for horses’ sensitive skin
  • Non-sensitizing formula
  • No known resistance problems
  • No known reactions on honeybees
  • EPA-approved
  • Veterinarian-owned company

How do you currently handle fly control for your horse?

Even though they are small, flies can be a BIG nuisance throughout the barn and pasture. Some flies transmit diseases, while others can sometimes lead to an allergic reaction on your horse’s skin. Flies can transform your easygoing horse into a stressed-out, over-reactive mess.

Until now, you had two choices for repelling flies:

  • Toxic pesticides
  • Essential oils, which offer limited effectiveness

Ecovet introduces a biorational, or less toxic, approach to protect your friend from pests. Ecovet is a whole new way to protect your horse, yourself and your family.

Where to Buy?

Visit their website for more information and to order