Screenshot 2014-05-08 00.06.25Return to Riding,  a new equestrian program running June 30 – July 4, 2014 at Montanova Stables Foundation in Keswick,  is a joint offering between Nancy Lowey of Orange, Jennifer Jones of Keswick and Joyce Howard of Charlottesville.


The program is designed for adults who are coming back to riding after a long absence, or those who may have always wanted to learn to ride horses but never had the opportunity.  For those who are actively engaged in riding already, this program will provide an opportunity to hone skills and gain new perspectives on the sport.


Lowey, Jones, and Howard have come together to create an inspiring educational event in a fun and supportive setting.  This is an ‘immersion’ experience created to jumpstart anyone’s riding ambitions.  These three experienced and passionate equestrians understand how riding, or just being around horses, can improve your health, happiness, and overall sense of well-being.  Further, as each of them are now in their middle adult life, they appreciate the unique challenges adults face in pursuing their riding dreams.

Lowey is a United States Dressage Federation Gold Medalist, dressage judge, and instructor with over twenty years of experience teaching riders of all levels. Jones is the President of Montanova Stables Foundation (MSF), a nonprofit organization.  She is an instructor with over fifteen years of teaching experience and has developed a successful horsemanship program for riders of all ages.  Through MSF, Jones provides outreach to local youth organizations so that all children can have access to and benefit from horses. Howard is a graduate of the Westmoreland Davis International Equestrian Institute, has over ten years of teaching experience, and was herself an “adult returning to riding” six years ago.


Registrants can choose to enroll for the entire course, three days, or just one day.  Each day is filled with riding related educational talks, demonstrations, and interactive group activities in a wide range of subjects.  A different guest speaker is featured each day covering topics such as: living your passion; breaking through barriers to learning; neuroscience for riders; warming up, stretching, and injury prevention; ‘unblocking’ your body, and more.


Participants can enroll as a rider or as a ‘hands on’ auditor.  A limited number of school horses from MSF will be available for riders, and there will be lots of fun and informative activities for participants who are not riding.


Guest speakers include Suzin R. Daly, Grand Prix dressage rider and MFA in film, Nita Catterton of Potentials – Executive Development and Coaching, Sabine Desper, German Bereiter, Dennis Yutchishen and Charlotte Fitch, physical therapists and principals of Blue Ridge Rehabilitation Associates, Kim Munson of Dragonfly Expressions on Mindfulness, Melissa Whitney of Equus Rising on equine massage and saddle fitting, and others.


The fee schedule is as follows and includes breakfast, lunch, and all course materials: “Hands-On” auditors- $60 for single day, $150 for three days, $200 for five days; Rider Participants – $200 for single day, $480 for three days, $600 for five days. Proceeds from the program will go toward MSF.


For more information and registration, please see or contact Joyce Howard at 434-987-5813 or via e-mail