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The Old Dominion Endurance Rides, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that promotes and sponsors the equestrian sport of endurance riding. They will be hosting two clinics this coming February.

On Saturday, Feb 21st 2015 (9A.M-4P.M.) – there will be an AERC Endurance 101 Clinic: designed for the beginner and endurance wannabees with lots of fantastic information on how to not only get started in the sport of endurance, but how to succeed from start to finish…and then some! An indoor, unmounted clinic for people who would like to learn more about the sport of endurance riding. It will be geared toward riders new to the sport, either contemplating trying it or in their first season or two of competition.

Topics covered will include the nuts and bolts of how an endurance ride is run, conditioning for horse and rider, camping with your horse, how the vet check works, and many more tid-bits of useful information. The format will be primarily lecture/Power Point/discussion/Q&A in a classroom type setting. There will also be a hands-on display/demonstration of types of tack and equipment often used by endurance riders. Weather permitting, there may also be a horse or two available for instruction in checking a pulse, trotting out for the vet, etc. You will be given lots of information material to take home, in either paper or electronic form.
On Sunday, February 22nd 2015 (9A.M -4P.M.) -there will be an AERC Beyond The Basics Clinic: developed for the more seasoned competitor who wants to up their game, this clinic comes loaded with excellent information to help the rider ride smarter, better, more efficiently, be successful in moving up in distance categories, as well as provide care/conditioning tips for that all important member of your team – your horse. An indoor, unmounted clinic designed for riders who are looking to improve the quality of their horsemanship in the sport of endurance riding and/or move up in distance (from LD to 50s or 50s to 75/100s).

The clinic will provide you with a better understanding of conditioning and training for longer distances and faster speeds; biomechanics, which is the mechanics and physics of the human and equine body as they perform, including how they impact one another; and metabolic performance of the endurance sport horse and the changes that occur as distance and speed increase.

Learn from people who have “been there, done that” so you can benefit from their hard-learned lessons. The clinic will allow for generous Q&A time and will be tailored to the needs of those in attendance. Intended primarily for riders with at least 250+ miles or two seasons of distance riding competition, but others may find it helpful as well.

Both events will be held at Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center 17690 Old Waterford Road, Leesburg, VA 20176. Registration and fees apply.

For more information on The Old Dominion Endurance Rides, Inc. or these two clinic events visit

or contact: Karen Wade
via email: or phone (540) 877-2371.