Newly released: A Ranchwife’s Slant, Cowboys, Kids, and Ranch Life, a book by popular South Dakota humor columnist, speaker, and rancher, Amy Kirk!

A Ranchwife’s Slant  is published by Spinning Sevens Press—a Virginia based publishing endeavor owned by equestrian author, journalist, and regular Horse Talk contributor, Tom Moates.  In this compilation of more than 100 of her best columns and essays, Kirk candidly profiles the big things in life in small but humorous ways.

The foreword, contributed by celebrated western essayist and poet, Linda M. Hasselstrom, explains: “Amy’s range of topics here is broad and intriguing…. Why do ranch wives shave their legs–or not? How do you get your husband to take your advice? How do you change clothes in the hayfield? Get in touch with your inner cowgirl? What’s a cheap date for a rancher’s wife during calving season? Amy answers these nagging questions about the realities of ranch life.  She considers the real difference between men and women to be obvious…. The reasons for this difference are too complex to reveal here, but chocolate is involved.”

Kirk doesn’t candy-coat what family life is like with cows and openly shares the good, the bad, and the crazy of her family’s lifestyle along with the steady challenges that are part of the gig. She gives an entertaining perspective in vignettes of her family and ranch life in rural western South Dakota.  Included are Kirk ranch photos and direct quotes from her personal collection of her kids’ comical witticisms.

More about Amy or to order A Ranchwife’s Slant visit: You can also visit her facebook page A Ranchwife’s Slant or her twitter handle, @RanchwifesSlant.