Ever since my friend and riding partner, Anna Gibson moved to Lexington, Ky., to become Chief Executive Officer of the Equine Land Conservation Resource, we’ve been planning my trip to Rolex.  I’m on my way!

I told Lois, another riding partner and publisher of Horse Talk Magazine, I’d provide some news and photos from Rolex via this blog — since I’d be there anyway.  This is the beginning.

On the flight from Washington to Detroit, I read most of the Rolex preview in the April 22 issue of The Chronicle of the Horse.  I’ll be adding some of what I learned to forthcoming posts about the four equestrians from Virginia competing at Rolex this year.

Those riders are:

  • Jan Byyny from Purcellville
  • William Coleman III from Gordonsville
  • Lynn Symansky from Middleburg
  • Emily Beshear from Somerset

You can learn a little about them and their equine partners at my article on Fredericksburg Patch: Virginia Riders to Compete at Rolex Three-Day.

Time to board the flight to Louisville.