Spring is right around the corner! Come join us at Fleetwood Community Center in Massies Mill for a weekend of great riding and good food in the mountains of central Virginia. Our ride offers beautiful views and a variety of terrain. All trails are marked and are self-guided. The trails vary in difficulty and may be rocky at times, so your horses should be trail-conditioned and well shod all around.

Fees: $75 – Adult riders
$35 – Riders under 18 and all non-riders
Riders under the age of 13 MUST ride with an adult.
Fee must accompany registration form. Credit will be given for emergencies only. Please call. If you have a credit from a previous ride, please send in your form and mark ‘credit’ for amount paid. FIRST 150 REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED.

The registration fee includes 3 days and 2 nights of camping on a level, grassy field alongside the Tye River. Five meals, including lunch on the trail on Saturday, are also included. Water is available for horses, and restrooms and hot showers are located inside the community center building.

Due to increased liability issues, we can no longer allow entrance to the grounds on Thursday night before the ride. The gates will open for all entrants at check-in at 8:30 a.m. on Friday morning. Current negative Coggins papers MUST be presented at checkin, and you will need to BRING A COPY OF YOUR COGGINS PAPERS FOR US TO KEEP. We have to give these to a local livestock inspector, so it’s important that you bring an extra copy to leave with us. Ample parking is available, but please limit your horse enclosures to 10’ x 12’ per horse, next to your trailer.

Ride as you wish on Friday. Guest riders check out with the Ride Secretary between 9:30 and 10:00 a.m. on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. Riders will have a choice of a long or short ride on Saturday, and a different short ride on Sunday.

This is a family-oriented ride. Drinking on the trail and other disruptive behavior on the trail (or in camp) will not be tolerated. Camp fires are not allowed unless they are self-contained. Please do not build fires directly on the ground.

Receipt of all registrations will be acknowledged. Questions? For trail questions, contact Nancy Brockman @ 434 277-5630 and contact Audrey Diane Evans at either 434 277-5814 or bossmare@ceva.net for registration (or general) questions.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, April 20! Ride safe!