Fox Pointe Farm is proud to host a De-spooking Clinic and Equine Confidence Course presented by Charles Pellham of Cornerstone Horsemanship of Reva, VA.

Teaches riders why horses spook and what triggers their escape mechanisms…
Improve Horsemanship Skills
Improve communication between horse and rider
Helps to build confidence in both the horse and the rider
Teaches training methods for dealing with the spooky horse, and how to resolve spooking issues

Participant fee: $200 (2/Day Clinic)
Auditor fee: $25 per day
Reservations and Deposit REQURED for riders
Stalls $30 per day

CONTACT: Colleen Seely at or 804-932-8710 to register for this event! Event is hosted by Fox Pointe Farm LLC, located in Quinton,VA.