EasyCare announced today the upcoming date of April 25, 2011for the launch of the Easyboot Trail hoof boot.
“EasyCare’s horse boots are designed with an intricate understanding of what our customers need and want,” said Brian Mueller, Director of Sales for EasyCare. “We’ve invested time and resources over the last 12 months to better understand what each of our market segments is looking for today. Our ongoing customer surveys and field testing with various styles of boot have led us to the launch of this new product.”
This boot design will appeal to the broadest segment of EasyCare’s customer base: those who enjoy the open trail and backcountry riding.
Information gathered by EasyCare has created a very clear appreciation of which design elements are a priority for current and future boot users. Initial key findings are as follows:
Characteristics of the Perfect Horse Hoof Boot
  1. 91% of respondents: easy to apply.
  2. 87% of respondents: excellent fit.
  3. 64% of respondents: an aggressive entry-level price point.
  4. 75% of respondents: stays on in challenging conditions.
  5. 60% of respondents: ability to accommodate diverse hoof shapes and various trim cycles.
“The launch of this boot will help satisfy customers whose needs are not currently addressed with our current model line-up, said Garrett Ford, President and CEO of EasyCare. “One of the most resonant messages we have received from trail riders is their desire for a boot that can be applied by young and old hands alike.” We approached this new boot design with that as our first priority.”
EasyCare will be revealing various elements of the boot design and characteristics as part of a month-long countdown to the product launch date. “Whether you and your horse ride the trail once a day or once a month, the dependability of this boot will make the move to boots even an more compelling option,” said Kevin Myers, EasyCare’s director of marketing. “It will also be sold at entry level pricing and adaptable to a broad range of hoof shapes and angles.”
For more information and to watch the countdown in progress, go to http://easyboottrail.com.
For more information on horse hoof boots, please see the EasyCare website athttp://easycareinc.com and the EasyCare blog at http://blog.easycareinc.com .