Clinton working with demo horse. Photos by Darrell Dodds

Clinton working with demo horse. Photos by Darrell Dodds

Do you have a pushy, disrespectful, problem horse that is under the age of 10? He might be just the horse clinician Clinton Anderson is looking for to work with at one of his Walkabout Tours. At each tour, the clinician works with four local horses to demonstrate how he starts his training method and fixes common behavioral problems. Each horse has a longstanding problem, whether it be a phobia of trailers, laziness, biting, bucking, rearing, or an overall disrespectful attitude.

We’re on the hunt for the perfect equine stars for our 2015 tours.  So if you live in the area of a Walkabout Tour and your horse is 10 years of age or younger and you think he’d make a good candidate for Clinton to work with, head over to the Downunder Horsemanship website and submit an application. Note: there is an upcoming tour in August at the Virginia Horse Center.

We’re looking for horses for four training sessions: 1) the hard-to-catch horse, 2) a horse that’s disrespectful on the ground and under saddle, 3) a spooky horse, and 4) a horse that refuses to load on the trailer. Learn more about tour demo horses on our website

Upcoming Tour in Perry GA on March 21 & 22

clintonandersontourImprove your horsemanship with Clinton Anderson at his Walkabout Tour at the Reaves Arena in Perry, GA March 21 & 22. Clinton works with problem horses to teach you how to have a safer relationship with your horse and explains how to reach the most advanced levels of horsemanship. Learn more at

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