Join Commonwealth Foxhounds for a hunt designed to introduce foxhunting to the junior rider. Adults are welcome too. Held at Woodpecker Farm, 11321 Paige Road, Woodford, VA 22580 at 10 am

Three fields to accommodate all riding levels:

  • First flight follow the hounds and huntsman at paces ranging from a walk to a gallop. Jumps up to 2.5 feet high (optional).
  • Second Flight is a walk/trot/canter field with no jumps
  • Third Flight or the mounted hill toppers, is a walk/trot only field

Capping fee is $10 for juniors, $50 for adults. Safety helmets and boots are required. Hunt attire in not required. Dress warmly. A negative Coggins within 12 months is required.

All riders are required to sign the liability waiver or they will not be permitted to hunt. Riders under age of 18 will need a parent’s or legal guardian’s signature. No one else may sign the waiver for a Junior. Waiver is available at 

Tailgate breakfast provided after the ride 

Please call Sandy Hoyer with any questions 540/775-3083, 540/538-8143 Email

If doubtful weather, call (540) 775-3083 (540) 538-8143 morning of event or check website