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GASTROMAX III with CARBO SHIELD is a Unique, Scientific, Veterinary Compound Formulation blend of 3 Unique, Key active ingredients which can Enhance the Capability of Improved Control, Management & Maintenance of Equine Ulcers in All Horses, at All Ages. The Scientific System: (1.) Sodium Acid Carbonate (CARBO SHIELD), temporarily neutralizes the harsh stomach acid, thereby protecting the other ingredient being the, (2.) Omeprazole’s medication strength. This process allows for maximum ingredient strength absorption and effectiveness. The products Omeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor of acid secretion and is encapsulated in the intentions for precise delivery. Then the products (3.) L- Glutamine, works as a natural stomach healing agent to further assist the system. Formulated for Horses that Compete, Travel, Exposed to Crowds, Stressful Conditions, Graze, Exercise, Stall Confinement, on Racing Medications & Foals having No Feed in their constantly Acid Producing Stomach. One tube daily in ulcer cases. After ulcers is eradicated, give 1/4 tube daily on maintenance dose. MONUMENTAL SAVINGS OVER TIME !