Don’t miss the 2016 America’s Mustang tour! Now in its second year, the campaign—which educates Americans about wild mustangs and the public lands that support them—is building upon the successes from its 2015 inaugural tour to inspire everyone to take interest in the breed. This year’s campaign will have three celebration expos along its nationwide route: Queen Creek, Ariz., Sedalia, Mo. and Lexington, Va.

Headlining each of the expo locations is the 100-day Extreme Mustang Makeover competition, which challenges trainers to condition wild mustangs into practiced mounts. Through open showcases, adult and youth (ages 8 to 17) trainers display the mustangs’ skills and demeanor, followed by a bidding process where spectators can adopt one as their own.

In 2015, the campaign’s expo—held in St. Louis—resulted in 63 mustang adoptions, 11 clinics and seminars, professional horsemen and BLM presentations, more than 3,000 visitors and an evening competition for the Extreme Mustang Makeover. With an expansion of three expos this year, organizers of the 2016 program hope for a broader impact through community awareness and adoptions, with featured clinicians Richard Winters, Ken McNabb and Stacy Westfall.

Final remaining expo is:

August 25-27: Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, Va.

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