May 2016

East Coast Stock Horse Assoc. first show is May 7-8, 2016

The East Coast Stock Horse Association (ECSHA) is pleased to announce its 3nd Annual Show Series, featuring five events in Reva, Virginia showcasing East Coast stock horses of all breeds and their riders. Contestants qualify for year-end awards by competing in any three 2015 ECSHA shows.

The East Coast Stock Horse Association is an outreach organization of Horsemen’s International Ministry. The ECSHA offers a family friendly, affordable, fun environment to promote the versatility of the stock […]

March 2015

Mounted Orienteering

As a child traveling with my parents, I read maps all the time. Drives from Connecticut to Florida with my parents was a great adventure; tracking our progress on a map helped make these trips even more of an adventure—I loved seeing exactly where we were on the map, knowing that we were two towns closer to the Florida border than the last time I had checked. Somehow you miss that with GPS, but I […]

February 2015

Restoring A Rare Breed

Cherokee and Choctaw Horses at Summer Duck Wood
Written by S.E. Morris

Mary Carter McConnell established her herd of Cherokee and Choctaw horses at her farm, Sumer Duck Wood, in Rapidan, Va., in 2007. The 1,500 acres of property encompass 500 open acres for paddocks, miles of trails, and 35 jumps for a hunter pace practice course.

“We currently have fifty-six horses on the property, said McConnell. “The first horses for my herd arrived from Oklahoma in 2007; […]

Justin Time- Rescued Arabian Pays it Forward

Rescued Arabian Pays it Forward— Justin Time’s Works of Art

In March, 2011, animal control officers in Montgomery County responded to an abuse call and found a severely underweight 16 year-old Arabian gelding, severely underweight, with inadequate shelter that was also suffering from a case of rain rot. The horse was sent to Brook Hill Farm, a rescue facility in Forest, Va., where he received food, care and veterinary attention and began to bloom into a […]