January 2015

Old Dominion Endurance Rides Clinics

Photo Credit: Dominika Nawro

The Old Dominion Endurance Rides, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that promotes and sponsors the equestrian sport of endurance riding. They will be hosting two clinics this coming February.

On Saturday, Feb 21st 2015 (9A.M-4P.M.) – there will be an AERC Endurance 101 Clinic: designed for the beginner and endurance wannabees with lots of fantastic information on how to not only get started in the sport of endurance, but how to succeed from start […]

Amanda Humphrey’s Quest to Win the 2015 Mongol Derby

By S. E. Morris. Published in the Nov/Dec 2014 issue as a sidebar to our feature on Rose Sandler’s journey to the Mongol Derby in 2014

Amanda Humphreys, 21, of Nokesville, Va., was accepted in September to compete in the 2015 Mongol Derby. She is the only American female selected thus far, and one of only two riders chosen from this country.

Horses are “a lifelong passion, addiction, and lifestyle,” stated Humphreys, adding that she has been riding for […]

December 2014

Virginia Woman Competes in the Mongol Derby

Written By S. E. Morris. Photos by Rose Sandler
 Rose Sandler, of Culpeper, Va., was one of 48 riders who competed in the 2014 Mongol Derby, “the longest, toughest horse race in the world,” held Aug. 6–15. The course recreates Genghis Khan’s postal route, which was organized in 1224, and stretches across 1,000 km (621 miles) of wilderness. Sandler rode 30 Mongolian horses along the way, resting at urtuus (horse stations where horses are swapped out […]

July 2014

Virginian Woman Rides in Mongol Derby

Rose left July 30 to ensure arrival at the Derby, which starts Aug. 6. Catch up with Rose in “real time”—visit her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rose4mongolderby for the most up-to-date information, stats, and fabulous pictures of her adventure! She’s also on the map at the official Mongol Derby website http://www.themongolderby2014.com, where supporters can “follow the Rose dot” and find out where she is on her trek!

Rose Sandler of Culpeper, Va., is one of 41 riders […]

March 2014

Sign up now for Spring Horse Trials coming up on March 29–30, 2014

Virginia starter horse trials, combined test, and dressage schooling will be held March 30 at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Va. Entries close March 25. Trials are to add an Advance Green XC Course for both the March and August/September Schooling events. There will be 8–10 simple obstacles, logs, and brush fences; no water and no ditches. The course will go around the water complex into the bowl area and back to the finish […]

July 2013

Old Dominion Endurance Rides Inc. plans an exciting weekend on July 27-28

The Old Dominion Endurance Rides Inc. has a great weekend planned in Orkney Springs, VA for July 27-28.

Have you ever wanted to try Ride N’ Tie? Wonder what Ride N’ Tie is? Want to attend a clinic or learn about horse camping? Would you like to try night riding before entering your first 100 mile endurance ride? Want to try a little endurance riding at a short distance? Come on down!!!

Here is a link to more info about […]