From Where I Sit

February 2015

Longing for Spring? 4 Tips to Make Sure You and Your Horse are Ready.

As I write this, the stronger February sun is making riding here in Virginia a pleasant experience, instead of something we know we “should” be doing to keep our horses (and ourselves) fit. We don’t need to don as many layers, deal with frozen or icy footing, and the horse hair which has been shed all over our clothes means we can actually begin to believe that Spring might be just around the corner (spoiler – […]

October 2014

Lessons from a “Real” Dressage Horse

As the days grow shorter, and the horses’s coats grow longer, I like to look back over my year, see what I learned, what I’m grateful for, and what I can change for the better for next year.

May 2014

5 Household Items With Surprisingly Helpful Uses in the Barn people love cool horse stuff that makes their life easier.

March 2013

Head Games

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, which leads me to a related story…

It was three years ago this month that Courtney King-Dye, the American dressage rider and 2008 Olympian, suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury after the horse she was riding fell. Courtney was not wearing a helmet at the time, but often did, especially when riding a young horse. As the horse she rode that day was always so well behaved and she was a […]

January 2013

From Where I Sit

Welcome to our new blog – From Where I Sit. We’ll be presenting views on our relationships and experiences with horses and how they’ve shaped our lives.
To give you a bit of background about me, I’ve been around horses for about 44 years. My first real horse experience was hanging out with a neighbor’s retired New York City Police horse. Gambit was an amazingly patient teacher (as was his owner). I spent hours grooming him, […]