Dear Dobbin

April 2016

Dear Dobbin – How do I approach a rude rider?

Dear Dobbin,

Some friends and I love to trail ride and one of our regular companions for these outings seems to love to trail ride, but might love her cell phone more. It is not unusual for her to leave her ringer on, answer calls, text, and sometimes even make calls when we are out supposedly to enjoy fellowship and nature. I am really getting tired of her rudeness! What should I do? How can I […]

February 2016

Dear Dobbin – Frustrated boarder looking for change!

Dear Dobbin,

I keep my horse in a medium sized boarding barn that is conveniently located to my home. Overall the service is decent, but I have had a problem that I have mentioned to the barn manager/owner and nothing has changed. Do you have any suggestions on how to approach this individual to have them understand the seriousness of my concern and effect real change? At this point I am,

Dear Frustrated,

Dobbin […]

November 2015

Dear Dobbin – What gifts do I give for the holidays? The Annual Gifting Dilemma

For it is in giving that we receive.     – St. Francis of Assisi
Dear Dobbin,
The holidays are upon us. Fruitcake, parties, cards, and carols. We always give something to our riding instructors at the holidays — wine, gift cards, a heartfelt thanks. But we’ve (shamefully) not given gifts to the barn helpers. Our daughter has now been riding at a barn for long enough that we’ve come to know not only the trainers and other riders but […]

October 2015

Dear Dobbin – how to know if a trainer is too strict? And dealing with inappropriate social media posts

Dear Dobbin - The world of teen girls is filled with eyeliner, emojis and drama. Put those girls on a horse and you’ve just added another variable.

September 2015

Dear Dobbin – Advice to a Budgeting Barn Mom

Dear Dobbin, I’m the Mother of a teenaged rider. She participates in a moderate amount of horse activity: Lessons, barn shows, a couple of larger shows each year.