bullrunhuntclubIt’s time to saddle up for summer trail rides with Bull Run Hunt Club! The series begins with two morning trail rides, both starting at 9 a.m., May 10 at Maple Lawn (Rapidan, Va.) and May 18 at Cedar Mountain Farm (Rapidan, Va.); on June 7, a 5 p.m. ride at Arrowpoint (Orange, Va.); a weekend camping trail ride on June 13–15 (Rapidan, Va.); and a ride June 21, also at 9 a.m. at Hawfield (Unionville, Va.). A moonlight trail ride will be held in July! Trail rides will be casual with two groups of riders, a slow walk/trot group and a faster walk/trot/canter group with optional jumping. Riders must be able to trot horse safely in a group to do any of these rides. Please bring a snack or drinks to share after the ride. For more information and waivers, visit www.bullrunhuntclub.com or call 540.829.8353.