Gear-CleanIt’s that time of year – time to pack the blankets up and put them away for the summer. GearClean, located in Winchester, Virginia will clean and repair your blankets and have them ready for use in the fall. Only $25 for cleaning all horse blankets. 

From website…….Horse blankets are routinely exposed to the ammonias found in urine and manure that act like acid on fabric, dramatically reducing its life and strength. Equestrian equipment may be more susceptible to molds and other bacteria than a lot of other sports equipment because, in addition to the normal sweat, the equipment and blankets are often used in inclement weather conditions and stored in barns that tend to be damp—a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria that cause staph infections. Many people also store dirty blankets over the summer when they aren’t needed allowing the bacteria, humidity and heat to encourage harmful microbial growth. A horse blanket is only as good as its ability to repel elements such as rain and snow. Repeated laundering of horse blankets disables the factory-manufactured water repellency.

GearClean will also repair your blankets at $25 per hour. The average repair is $10-$15. Free pickup/delivery within 25 miles of Winchester.

Contact them for more information at 540-667-3130 or visit their website at