Make Your Practice Perfect with Locally Made Schooling Jumps with Eric Bull of ETB Equine Construction 

Success in the competition ring comes down to practice. To quote show jumping legend George Morris, “Practice doesn’t make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect.” You can give yourself an advantage with proper schooling equipment, including safe, well-constructed show jumps.

A good schooling course consists of around 18-20 jumps, including standards, rails, extra rails for creating trot poles and ground rails, and any extras like flower boxes, a stone wall, picket fence or garden gate, and more. For a competition course you will need more of these “accessories” to make the course really stand out.

Jumps can be special-ordered in custom designs. Last year ETB Equine Construction created a beautiful custom jump for Smartpak Equine that has been featured in Grand Prix show jumping competition, and at Fitch’s Corner Horse Trials we built a Tiffany (jewelry) jump that has been the highlight of several horse trials courses.

It is possible to log on to your computer and order a set of jumps, but there are benefits to shopping locally. Here at ETB Equine Construction we make all of our jumps in our state of the art workshop, where we have a stock of first-rate materials and everything is constructed indoors, out of inclement weather. We use locally sourced materials and our crew is made up of experienced craftsmen with experience in the equine industry.

Shipping costs can quickly add up – it less complicated and more cost-effective to ship jumps locally and your new set of jumps is less likely to be damaged in transit when it ships on a local truck rather than loaded up with a bunch of other cargo.

Another advantage to working with a local company is that we can work with you to create exactly what you and your horse need. We’ve helped professional eventer Boyd Martin solve training problems with our jumps; he recently took a picture of something he liked, sent it to us, and we modified it to fit his needs. That kind of customized service is something you don’t get if you buy your jumps from a remote company on the internet.  Bring your schooling problems to ETB Equine Construction and we will help you get to the other side of your schooling obstacles.

Not only can we build you a new set of jumps, we can take your old set of jumps and refurbish them by tightening up loose hardware, building a new base to replace old, rotten lumber, and pressure washing, priming and painting to make them look good as new. We can also retrofit your existing standards with a modern “keyhole” jump cup system that is safer and easier to use than traditional cups with pins that fit into drilled holes in the standards.

Finally, as a local company we can meet with you and see what works best for your individual situation. We’ll help you decide what style of jumps suit your farm and training needs, and work within your budget to give you the best equipment for you and your horse. Why not start the new year off right with a set of high-quality jumps? They just might help to make your practice perfect. Contact ETB Equine Construction at or call 434-286-3330 or email